Staten Island

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As one of the five boroughs in New York, Staten Island is separated from the rest of the city and is located between New Jersey and New York City proper. Originally, Staten Island was known as the Borough of Richmond, but its name was officially changed in 1975. The majority of the business district of the island is on the north side and you could visit this area if you need to contact a lawyer or other professional.

There are several tourist attractions on Staten Island, including the Staten Island Ferry and plenty of dining establishments and nightlife spots. Always be sure you avoid a DUI, but if you are caught drinking and driving, you will need to contact a Staten Island DUI attorney.

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Some of the attractions of the area include the Historic Richmond Town, which is a historic village and museum, the Staten Island Zoo, and the Staten Island Children’s Museum. The Staten Island Museum tells the story of how the whole area was founded, dating all the way back to the Native Americans who first inhabited the island. Because of its location, Staten Island makes it easy for residents to also enjoy attractions in other parts of New York City as well as New Jersey.

Living anywhere in New York City means always having something to do and this is true of Staten Island as well. You may wish to unwind on the weekend after the stress of work and taking care of the family, but you should always be responsible even if you enjoy a night on the town. A drunk driving charge is very serious and you will face repercussions that will affect your future. The right Staten Island DUI lawyer will be able to handle your case properly for a better outcome. You don’t need to take chances with your future.

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