What are the Penalties that you may get when convicted with DUI in New York?

What are the Penalties that you may get when convicted with DUI in New York?

New York is a very beautiful city.  It’s one of the most populous and highly developed cities in America.  Just like what they call it – New York is the city that never sleeps.  Nonetheless, New York is not free from lawbreakers especially DUI violators.  If you have been charged of DUI in the city, do you have an idea of what penalties you may face?

Just like in most states, DUI violations in New York are categorized into three phases.  We call it first, second, and third offense.  The penalties vary.  For first time violators, the penalties may be lighter.  But for the second and third offenses, penalties involve more than conviction and paying of fines.

The moment you have been arrested by the police you will be asked to stay in jail for a couple of hours, days, or weeks depending on the gravity of the case.  Well, the New York City jail has its own policies as to how long should the arrestee stay in jail. Again, the degree if the offense will follow.  For second and third offense, the arrestee may stay longer.   If you have been stopped by the officers and they conducted a sobriety test on you, you may get jailed for just a short period of time or you may be warned.  But, if you have caused injury to someone, or you’ve caused damaged to a property, you’re likely to spend longer time in jail.  You may also stay longer if the result of your sobriety test showed that your have very high BAC.   Generally, first time violators may be asked to spend 24 hours in jail which may last for several days.  Often, the time you have been arrested may be counted in favor of the time you will serve.  So if you have been arrested yesterday at 5pm and you were brought to the cit jail at around 9pm and you’re punished to stay there for 24 hours, you will be released by 5pm the next day.  For second or third time DUI offenders, the imprisonment may last for a few days to several months.  At worst, it can last for years.

Once convicted of DUI and after serving the penalties, the court may require you to install an ignition interlocking device on your vehicle.  So every time you will turn on your car engine, you would have to blow the device and an automated result of your BAC will be showed.  If it detects any trace of alcohol in your breath, the car will not start.  What makes it even worse is that this device is very expensive. You also need to maintain it every now and then.

Getting help from New York DUI Lawyer Law will certainly help you get away from these devastating penalties.

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