New York DUI Attorney Talks Applying for Probation

New York DUI Attorney Talks Applying for Probation

Have you ever imagined yourself spending days inside a prison cell?  Or perhaps losing some of your rights and privileges including your license to drive?  Have you ever thought of applying for a job but the employer rejected you because they found out you have a criminal record?

These are the usual things that happen to people convicted of DUI in New York and in all other states in the US.  It is therefore important that you learn the laws in your state and make every effort not to break them.  Anyway, these laws are for your own good and the security of other people.

The most common consequence of DUI in New York is imprisonment.  You may be sent to jail for a number of hours, days, months, or years depending on the gravity of the offense or the outcome of the violation you made.  But aside from this, there’s a very big possibility that you lose your license to drive for months, years, or for good! Most of the time, suspension of license is just limited to the state where you committed the offense.  So that means if you were arrested in New York and you’re license got suspended, you may be deprived of your right to operate a vehicle in New York but not to other states.

If you’ve caused harm to a person, an animal, or a property, you will not escape the other consequence, which is the paying of fines and charges for the damages you’ve caused to the aggrieved party.  For instance, you were driving your car and you hit somebody and you were convicted of reckless driving because of DUI, you will be asked to pay for the hospitalization, medications, lost charges, as well as the emotional and psychological damages.  Imagine how much will they ask from you!

Given that these are penalties that may be imposed on you, is there anything you can do about it?  Is there a way to skip the penalties or perhaps lessen them?  If it’s the first time that you have been convicted of DUI, you may apply for probation.  You need to seek help from a quailed New York DUI Lawyer Law to file a petition for probation.  Not all first-time violators are given the chance to undergo probation and skip the charges.  There are some qualifications you need to meet. And once you’ve been set for probation, expect that the authorities will be watchful.  Probation brings you under their strict supervision and you need to follow the conditions they will give.  You may face the original charges if you will violate the terms of the probation grant. Read more at our DUI blog.

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