How Much Does New York DUI attorney Cost in New York?

How Much Does New York DUI attorney Cost in New York?

Facing DUI charges can be an extremely tough experience.  Aside from the expenses, you will be emotionally and mentally tormented while thinking of the possible consequences once you have been convicted of it.

There are a number of people in New York who don’t think that it’s practical to hire a DUI attorney there.  Others will face the charges filed against them alone, but because they don’t have enough knowledge on it, they end up spending a fortune to answer the charges alone, and end up still suffering the consequences.

If in any case you end up in the same situation, you may want to consider hiring an attorney.  This person can absolutely help you face the situation.  If you’re running out of funds, there are many ways to get legal aid without having to spend too much.  But before that, you may want to know how much a New York DUI Lawyer Law costs.

To begin, you should know that there are two ways how attorneys collect payments from their clients.  One is through a fixed payment mode.  The second payment mode is based on an hourly rate.  We all know that being a lawyer is a very difficult job.  Every case they handle is an entirely different case.  You can just imagine the pressure, intensive investigation, the time and effort they exert in every case.  There’s no wonder why most of them have higher legal fees.  There are so many DUI attorneys in New York.  Always make sure that you ask them how much they charge before hiring them.

Hourly rates for DUI lawyers

Most lawyers prefer this type of payment.  You must be very familiar with this scheme as most workers in New York are compensated on an hourly basis too.  An hour of legal help from a lawyer may cost you more than a hundred dollars.  This varies though because there are many factors that are considered.  First is the educational background and experience of the attorney.  Lawyers who graduated from prestigious law schools in New York are usually the ones who set higher rates.   Furthermore, attorneys who have been working on DUI cases for many years now are also expected to have higher rate.  But the advantage of hiring one of them is that you get better chances of winning the case.  The popularity of the lawyer or the law firm he/she belongs to is another factor.  Additionally, those who own fancy offices in New York and who have many employees or legal researchers set higher charges.

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