How Does Billing Work when Dealing with DUI Attorney in New York

How Does Billing Work when Dealing with DUI Attorney in New York

You probably have an idea already how much will it cost to get a lawyer in the City of New York.  But you’ll never know the real figure until you work with one.  If you have been charged with DUI or a loved one has been charged with it, the first thing that probably comes to mind is to get a lawyer.  In this article, let’s talk about how a New York DUI lawyer Law offices charges their clients and what are the additional fees.

Why do attorneys have varying rates?

You might wonder why there are DUI lawyers in attorney who have lower rates compared with the others.  Well, there are so many factors that affect the cost of legal services they offer.  One of which is the reputation of the lawyer.  There are many lawyers in New York who are usually chosen by many people charged with DUI.  They believe in the expertise of these lawyers.  Since with them you can be assured that the outcome of the case will be favorable to you, you won’t really mind at all.  This is the trend in New York.  Lawyers who come from big universities and law schools in New York, and those who are known to have excellent records in the field of law are the lawyers that are very expensive.

What are the things or services you need to pay the lawyer for?

Basically, all the services that will be provided by the lawyer to you must be paid (as in all of it).  Perhaps the only service free of charge is the consultation.  This is where the lawyer listens to you and assesses the possibility of you winning the case.  Once you close this conversation with the lawyer, you might be asked for an upfront fee.  This is also called the retainer.  This is their way of protecting their interests in any case their clients immediately refuse to be represented anymore.  Since it’s just an upfront payment, expect that there will be other fees to be asked from you.


All the documents and their preparation might be billed against you.  There are lawyers who already include these things in the overall payment.  Ask your attorney is the following things are included or separated from the fees you would have to pay him/her:

  • Filing fees / file storage costs, fees for file copies
  • Investigation, fees for the private investigators if there’s a need to hire them
  • Copies, faxes, process servers
  • Long distance phone calls, services of the messengers
  • Mileage/gasoline
  • Services from the law clerks
  • Consulting experts
  • transcription services
  • Independent laboratory fees (for sobriety testing)
  • Legal research
  • Medical fees


Be prepared for the increments.  These are the additional fees or charges that the attorney may demand from you.  Usually, attorneys bill clients for the time they spend talking to their clients.  What is this?  For instance, you called your lawyer and you talked to him for a couple of minutes, you will be charged for it at a certain rate. Even the callback may merit an increment.

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