DUI in New York: Possible Penalties

DUI in New York: Possible Penalties

While it is true that the penalties of Drunk Driving cases in New York and in any other state in America are really devastating and upsetting, there are some things that you can do to get away from them without hiding from the police.  How?

Once convicted of violating the laws in Driving under the Influence (DUI) in the City of New York, below are the possible penalties that you may face:

Imprisonment – you can get jailed for a longer period of time.

Fees and charges – the toughest penalty next to imprisonment are the charges and fine you may need to pay.  Below are the things you need to pay for.

1.     Jail fees
2.     Tickets that may cost up to thousands
3.     Storage and towing of your car once it has been impounded
4.     Repair of the property that was damaged if any
5.     Hospitalization/rehabilitation and medications of the person injured if there’s any
6.     Insurance fees that may soar high
7.     Attorney’s fee which may also cost tens of thousands
8.     Bail bond
9.     Other charges

Suspension of License – you may not be allowed to operate or drive any type of vehicle in New York.  The suspension may be for several months or several years depending on the gravity or severity of the offense you committed.  You can file an appeal or petition to the court to allow you to drive if you’re attending school but the court may issue an order directing you to install an interlocking device which will not run if it detects alcohol content on your breath through BAC test.

New York DUI Lawyer Law: Defending your Rights

First, you need to look for an excellent New York DUI Lawyer Law firm or independent lawyer that will represent you all through the case proceedings.  During the consultation, you will know outright if you have a little or big chance of having the case dismissed before you.  The lawyer will ask you what really happened and you need to tell it all to him/her.  You may also be asked of your background (educational, employment, personal, and criminal).  Previous convictions for DUI cases may really affect your case negatively.   A good DUI attorney knows what to do best in your case.  He/she will do everything that can be done to make sure you go out of the courtroom free from criminal liabilities.

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