Drunk Driving in New York City: What is the Process

Drunk Driving in New York City: What is the Process

There are many ways on how to determine whether someone is drunk.  For DWI offenses in New York, cops make use of different instruments to prosecute operators who are alleged to be intoxicated when driving. One of the most common sobriety tests used by the authorities, not just in New York but also in other states in the US, is the use of breathalyzers. Breathalyzers are easy and are not intrusive for the person held unlike blood sampling.

The Blood Alcohol Content (BAC)

For a person to be held of DUI in New York, it must be judged that the alcoholic beverage content in the blood of the arrestee is 0.08% or more.  Some police officers make use of high end tools to determine the level of intoxication. An example is the use of a spectroscopic chamber where the vapor coming from the breath of the arrestee will be studied. Using a computer, the results will be translated to BAC.

But we cannot deny that everyone has a different level of inebriation or margin of intoxicant. There are people who don’t get intoxicated even after taking several bottles of strong beer. Even though he is not intoxicated, the BAC amount of his blood is anticipated to be above the standard.  A lot are questioning the credibility of breathalyzers and other sobriety machines used by the police force agents. That is why suppliers of these machines and devices are required to conduct intensive checks on their merchandise to be sure the results are accurate.

Facing the Charges with New Your DWI Lawyer law

It is also vital that people accused of DWI in New York got to liaise with a legal professional. Getting in touch with New York DWI lawyer law office can greatly help anyone charged with driving while intoxicated. The legal professional will work at finding out whether the sobriety tests carried out are sufficient to prove the claimed drunkenness. A small amount of doubt can ruin the prosecutions case and the arrestee might be cleared.

An experienced legal counsel can really make the situation simpler for his/her client. The New York DWI lawyer law will investigate each one of the legal aspects of the infractions committed and what the client should expect. Affording the arrestee false hope is not a sign of a competent lawyer. A good legal counsel decidedly knows how to dispute the effectiveness of a sobriety machine or device used against his/her client. Aside from this, any error in the processes utilized by the law enforcement officials will also be useful  for the accused.

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