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Long Island is actually a city located in the Queens borough of New York. Situated on an island just off from mainland New York City, Long Island is known for offering a variety of different parks and waterfront open spaces as well as a thriving art district.

Those who live in Long Island will have access to professionals in this area as well as in all of Queens. If you need a lawyer, doctor, accountant, or other professional service, you will find it. Keep in mind that if you are every caught drinking and driving in the city, then you will need to hire a Long Island DUI attorney.

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One interesting site in Long Island is 5 Pointz. This building is an artist mecca and it has been covered by graffiti, which was legally allowed. Other area attractions include the Fisher Landau Center for Art, the MoMA PS1 (an affiliate of the Museum of Modern Art), the Sculpture Center, the Queens Library, and the Socrates Sculpture Park. Two of the recreational areas in Long Island include the City Ice Pavilion, which offers ice skating on a two-story roof during the winter. The Water Taxi Beach is an urban beach that doesn’t allow swimming but does offer boating and picnicking.

If you choose to enjoy the nightlife in Long Island or in Queens, make arrangements to get home safely. The state of New York has strict laws about drinking and driving and you could face fines, penalties, and even time in jail. If you are arrested for drunk driving, make your first call to a Long Island DUI lawyer. The quicker a professional representative can get started on your case, the better. If you need a lawyer, then call us. We will be ready to defend your rights throughout the court proceedings.

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