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Just two miles outside of New York, Hoboken is in Hudson County, New Jersey. A moderate sized town just on the other side of the Hudson River, Hoboken is a part of the New York metro area. One area that is best known in the city is the Hudson River Waterfront Walkway. This path follows the river from the Bayonne Bridge to the George Washington Bridge and is preferred by those who want to take a stroll, exercise, or enjoy the views.

Hoboken does have a business district and is close enough to New York that you can find a variety of professional services close by. If you need a lawyer, or even a specialist like a Hoboken DUI attorney, you have options very close to home.

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The Hoboken Parks Initiative has worked to ensure there are numerous public spaces and open areas for whole families to enjoy. Some of these include walking paths, picnic areas, playgrounds, sports fields, and more.

There are several events that take place every year in Hoboken, including the Frank Sinatra Idol Contest, the Hoboken International Film Festival, the Hoboken Arts and Music Festival, the Saint Patrick’s Day Parade, and the Hoboken House Tours. Kid-friendly activities include Wild at Play, an indoor playground, Bike and Roll, a guided tour of Central Park, and the Tony Dapolito Recreation Center, which includes fitness facilities and playgrounds.

No matter what, you won’t be able to enjoy anything in Hoboken if you are put in jail for drinking and driving. If you have been caught with a DUI, then you need to contact a Hoboken DUI lawyer. If you contact the right professional legal representative right away, then they will work in your best interest throughout the process. When you need the help of a lawyer, your first call should be to us.

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