What will be the costs involved?

A New York DUI is a serious crime with serious penalties. Even with the simplest cases, the costs of a DUI conviction can go up to around $9,500. This is the minimal estimate of costs that are applicable to first time offenders aged 21 or above with no injury or accidents. These charges may be significantly greater in case of multiple accidents, presence of minor in car, accidents etc.

However it is possible to get these costs reduced drastically by fighting the charges against you in court. An experienced New York DUI attorney may be able to help you get the charges reduced or even dismissed completely.

Along with court costs and court fines that are mentioned in the penalties section, you will also have to pay for the costs of travel to and from court, attendance in mandatory treatment programs, lose wages due to court hearing, and pay years of higher insurance premiums. There will be social costs as well.

A DUI case is an expensive ordeal to be involved in.