What is a conditional license?

A conditional license allows you to drive to work, medical treatment, court, your children’s school or daycare, alcohol or drug treatment program and your own classes at an accredited school or college.

You will only be allowed to drive during the specific time period that has been approved by court. If you violate the timings set by court then your license will be revoked permanently.

If your BAC level is higher than 0.08 when you were arrested then your license may get suspended during the trial. Under this condition, your attorney may file for a ‘Hardship Privilege”. A Hardship Privilege will allow you to drive to and from work and school. After 30 days, you will become eligible to receive a conditional license provided you have no prior DUI or DWAI violations in the past five years, and you have not refused a breath, blood, or urine test. Under these circumstances, you will receive the license without having to take the DMV Drinking Driver Program classes.

Refusal of a test of your BAC level will render you ineligible to receive a conditional license. However with the help of an experienced attorney you may be able to challenge the revocation in a DMV refusal hearing, and in some cases have your license restored temporarily.