Is it possible to win a New York DUI case?

Yes – it is completely possible to win a New York DUI case. Whether you will win or lose the case depends mainly upon two factors:

• The Evidence and facts of the case.
• How you present the Evidence and the facts of the case.

It is highly recommended that you find an experienced attorney with prior DUI experience to represent you in court. An attorney that focuses on New York DUI cases will help you build a strong defense by collecting and presenting all the appropriate evidence in your favor. He/she can seriously raise your odds of winning the case.

Our attorneys have a long history of fighting and winning New York DUI cases. We have not only been able to get the charges reduced against our clients, but in some cases we have had the charges dropped entirely.

Arguing constitutional violations and challenging Blood Alcohol levels are two examples of the many strategies employed by our attorneys. We are careful to review police reports systematically to ensure that there are no lapses in procedure. We request full disclosure of the device used to conduct the test, the personnel maintaining the device, and the lab certification.

Different errors can be discovered during the examination of the case that may help the attorney build a strong defense such as:
1. Police Officer may not have a “reasonable cause” to pull over your car.
2. Insufficient Evidence to request a Blood Alcohol Test (BAC)
3. Errors in the blood and breath intoxication tests.
4. Test results spoiled by contaminated
5. A credible witness vouches for you that you were not intoxicated while you were driving.
…and many more.

An attorney with prior experience in court will know exactly what to look for in your case, and so he will able to help you pick the best options relative to your case. Our attorneys are highly skilled in court. Contact us for a free consultation to determine your best defense strategy.