East Orange

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A small town in Essex County, East Orange is still a part of the New York metro area despite being located in central New Jersey. People who live in this town can easily make the drive to Manhattan to do sightseeing, shop, dine, and much more. East Orange isn’t a very large city, but it does offer a busy commercial district. If you need an East Orange DUI lawyer, then you do have options in town.

Additionally, you will find shopping choices and a variety of other professionals available in town. Of course, East Orange is bordered by both South and West Orange, which means residents have even more options for things to see and do. Newark is just a few minutes away, where you could visit the Riverwalk and take in amazing views of Manhattan across the river.

Things to do in East Orange include the New Jersey Children’s Museum and the Turtleback Zoo. East Orange holds a number of different yearly festivals to enjoy, like the Parallax Art Fair, the Spring Crafts on Columbus, and the Spring Extravaganza. You could also visit Manhattan to enjoy iconic New York sites like the Empire State Building, the Statue of Liberty, Times Square, Broadway, and more.

Basic Steps to Take When You Really Need a East Orange DUI Lawyer

There is a busy nightlife in East Orange and you may wish to enjoy an evening out with friends or even coworkers. However, you do need to make arrangements to get home since the DUI laws in New Jersey are quite serious. The last thing you would want to do is spend your days in jail because you were caught drinking and driving. If you do make a mistake and you are arrested for drunk driving, then make sure to contact an East Orange DUI attorney as soon as you can. You need proper representation throughout your case for the best results.

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