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As the northernmost borough of New York City, the Bronx is completely located on mainland, which makes it distinct from the other four boroughs. There are two different specific areas to the city, split up by the Bronx River. The land to the north is hilly and more rural and the land to the south is flat and more commercial. While the population density is high in this town, it does still have a great deal of open space, especially when compared to other parts of New York.

The business district throughout the Bronx is quite large and extremely busy. That means you have easy access to a Bronx DUI attorney if you need one. Keep in mind that enjoying the nightlife of New York City could mean finding an alternative method of transportation. It’s better to find another way home instead of getting caught with a DUI.

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There are two main shopping districts to the Bronx. The first is the Bronx Hub. This district takes up a large area where four different main thoroughfares meet. The Gateway Center at Bronx Terminal Market is a 17 acre shopping center with numerous different stores and boutiques.

Some of the area attractions in the Bronx include the Poe Cottage, Lorelei Fountain, Yankees Stadium, the Bronx Museum of Arts, and the Hall of Fame of Great Americans. The Bronx Zoo and the New York Botanical Gardens can offer an ideal option when you want to take the whole family on a day out.

The Bronx and all of New York offers a busy nightlife and you may wish to enjoy it after a week of hard work. Make sure you are responsible with getting home, but if you do make a mistake and you are arrested for drunk driving, you will need to hire a Bronx DUI lawyer.

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